We currently represent several high quality biotech companies in multi-track licensing and M&A engagements, including:

  • An Immuno-Oncology platform and proprietary product company with technology that improves therapeutic ratio of T-cell engagers along with proprietary products using this technology, and successfully licensed technology for extending half life of compounds and creating improved antibody-drug conjugates. Seeking financing and available for licensing.
  • A company with a near to market hospital IM/IV CNS asset, available for licensing, and also seeking financing
  • A company with an asset in a registration trial  with orphan drug designation issued in the US for PTCL, CTCL and neuroblastoma and pending in EU, available for licensing
  • A company with a pediatric asset to treat IgA Nephropathy, and orphan renal disorder, with orphan designation, available for licensing
  • A company with a novel GI asset for the treatment of short bowel syndrome, with orphan drug designation, available for licensing.
  • A private company with a predictive artificial evolution platform called Current™ that can accurately identify coherent predictive signals from complex data of all types and can be used to rescue failed drug trials, discover novel biomarkers, improve patient recruitment criteria and outcomes, predict disease progression, and find high risk patients, seeking financing.
Geller Biopharm

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